PHR 4.0" Cold Side Intercooler Pipe for SC300

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Complete Customization 

PHR will build a complete cold side intercooler pipe for your SC300. We build on a chassis here at our shop to ensure that it will fit on your car.

Please note: PHR 4.0" Cold Side Intercooler Pipes are built to order. We will require you to send in your intake manifold if it is anything other than Hypertune, Plazmaman or Greddy intake manifold. We have these manifolds in house and are able to build off these. But if you have another brand or style of intake manifold, we can't build this intercooler pipe without having you send in your intake manifold and throttle body. We build to the PHR 4.5, 5, or 6 inch intercoolers. 

You must contact PHR prior to ordering this. You must supply the intake manifold, throttle body, and/or intercooler to PHR for fitment on our mock up chassis unless it is deemed unnecessary. This price is for the basic coupler to turbo and coupler to intercooler style intercooler piping. If needing a different clamping style, the cost of the pipe will not change, but customer will need to purchase the additional flange and clamp assemblies.

Features and Solutions

Focusing on what's important


Made of top-quality light weight aluminum CNC mandrel bends. Mandrel bends allow for optimal flow. The end of each section is bead rolled to keep couplers from slipping off.


When considering worm gear clamps vs T-bolt clamps for the solution to clamping the couplers to the aluminum intercooler tubing, we've found that worm gear clamps are the best for this application. T-bolt clamps can create too much force, and end up colapsing the tubing, making for a looser connection over time. 

They also are not optimal for the space provided behind the bead roll due to the extra wide bannd, and often clamp over the bead roll instead of behind it on the tubing. This can create poor clamping.

In our experiance, worm gear clamps offer the superior clamping solution in this application, and we use only the highest quality stainless worm gear clamps availble.


The PHR Cold Side Intercooler Pipes route up through where the battery sits in its factory location. The battery will need to be relocated and battery tray will need to be removed. PHR provides a 3d printed cut template that aligns with existing bolt holes in the chassis to provide perfect marking for creating a hole to route the piping through.

Boost Braces

an aluminum boost braceFor high boost applications when you might even more holding capability, boost braces can be added across the couplet to create an mechanical link, that virtually ensures the pipes cannot separate the coupler cannot pop off.

If you want to add boost braces, you will need to have the bolt bosses welded to the tubing, turbo, and/or intercooler. PHR can provide this service, but you will need to contact us to do so. Otherwise a good local welding shop should be able to handle the job.

You will need one boost kit for each connection you want to make. 3 Kits would cover each connection on this kit.

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The Necessities

Battery Relocation 

 The PHR Universal Battery Box is intended for relocating the battery to the rear of a vehicle. This can be necessary for making room for the intercooler piping.

Our battery box is completely sealed and includes a vent tube. This allows it to be installed in the interior of the vehicle and meets current SFI requirements.

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an aluminum battery box


Vehicle Fitment
Make Lexus
Model SC300 (Soarer)
Chassis Code Z30, Z31, Z32
Generation 1st Gen
Throttle Body 90mm or 100mm or Bosch 82mm Drive-By-Wire or Other (customer will supply)
Intake Manifold Hypertune or Plazmaman or Other (customer will supply)
Product Specs
Material Aluminum
Outer Diameter 4.0 inches (102 mm)
Finish Raw or Gloss black powder coat or Matte black powder coat or Wrinkle black powder coat or Polished