PHR Boost Brace Kit

PHR 00001502.AL.36

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  • Weld Bung Material
  • Boost Brace Length

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Simple Solutions

The PHR Boost Brace Kit It will help keep piping in place under high boost conditions. Simply weld the bosses on each side of the couple and screw the boost bracing in place. Extra security, low cost, and less hassle!

Different Lengths 

The different leghths are for how close you want the bungs to be to the coupler. The 3.6" will place the bungs right next to the coupler on a 3.0" long coupler, while the 5.0" will allow a little space. The 5.0" would also allow a longer coupler to be used.

Length is measure from hole center to hole center.

 No boost lost

While dual seal clamping systems work well and look terrific, they are not leak proof. The misalignment, or separation that naturally happens on a dual seal clamp can allow boost leaks. In our testing, we've found dual seal clamps to be reliably able to hold boost to about 35 psi, but above that we start to see boost leaking past the o-rings.

A coupler with worm drive clamps and a boost brace creates an even better and more reliable seal. The worm gear clamp can create a tremendous amound of holding pressure while the boost brace link keeps  the pipes in place.


The PHR Boost brace allows movement of your motor, or intercooler piping.

As the motor moves or vibrates in the engine bay, you need to have flexibility to items that are rigid mounted to the chassis, such as the intercooler. A rigid clamping system like a v-band clamp can cause stress on the piping, intercooler or throttle body. The boost brace allows for movement, while creating a mechanical link, so couplers cannot separate.


Weld Bung Material Stainless Steel or Aluminum
Boost Brace Length 3.6" or 5.0"