PHR 3.0" Cold Side Pipe Kit for 2nd Gen GS300 (PHR Fan Kit)

PHR 03101505.GB

Factory VVT-i throttle body, using PHR 16" brushless fan kit

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Details are important

This intercooler piping is designed to fit OEM intake manifolds and throttle bodies

If you are running an aftermarket intake manifold, we can make intercooler piping specifically for your manifold. 

Please note: PHR 3.0" Cold Side Intercooler Pipes routing will interfere with electric dual fan setups. This set of cold side intercooler piping was made specifically to work with our PHR SPAL 16" Single Brushless Fan Kit for 2nd Gen GS300

It is made to fit PHR 5.0" 600hp Intercooler for GS300. We cannot guarantee fitment if you are using a different intercooler. 

Dual Electric Radiator Fan Setups:

Because the fans protrude out into the area where this intercooler piping needs to run, you will want to purchase our other PHR 3.0" Cold Side Pipe Kit for 2nd Gen GS300 instead. 

Features and Solutions

Focusing on what's important


Made of top-quality lightweight aluminum CNC mandrel bends. Mandrel bends allow for optimal flow. The end of each section is bead rolled to keep couplers from slipping off.

Under the frame rail

The design of these pipes route underneath the frame rail, and around to the intercooler. This will require removal or trimming of the inner fender well plastics panels as well as modification or cutting of the AC Line brackets which must be lowered to accommodate the routing of these pipes. These plastic panels and brackets block debris from the tires from entering the engine bay, and also hold up the lower plastic panels. 

We've found that removal doesn't make much of a difference for debris or dirt entering, but if you are in an exceptionally dusty or dirty area (like living on a dirt road), we'd recommend trimming the panels to fit around the piping rather than removing them. If you do choose to remove them, you will need to add some zip ties or other holding method to the lower panels as well to keep them secure.

Additional Services

Because we have a chassis we work on here at the shop, we know the best place to install the blow off valve, so you can have this done before you receive the intercooler piping. This save you time and money and can be very convenient.

There will be an option to add a blow of valve or just the flange as well as the service when you click "ADD TO CART" above. The same applies for the air temperature sensor bung.

Worm Gear Clamps

When considering worm gear clamps vs T-bolt clamps for the solution to clamping the couplers to the aluminum intercooler tubing, we've found that worm gear clamps are the best for this application. T-bolt clamps can create too much force, and end up collapsing the tubing, making for a looser connection over time. 

They also are not optimal for the space provided behind the bead roll due to the extra wide band, and often clamp over the bead roll instead of behind it on the tubing. This can create poor clamping.

In our experience, worm gear clamps offer the superior clamping solution in this application, and we use only the highest quality stainless worm gear clamps available.

Boost Braces

a boost braceFor high boost applications when you might even more holding capability, boost braces can be added across the couplet to create a mechanical link, that virtually ensures the pipes cannot separate the coupler cannot pop off.

If you want to add boost braces, you will need to have the bolt bosses welded to the tubing, turbo, and/or intercooler. PHR can provide this service, but you will need to contact us to do so.

You will need one boost kit for each connection you want to make. 3 Kits would cover each connection on this kit.

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Vehicle Fitment
Make Lexus
Model GS300 (Aristo)
Chassis Code S160, S161
Generation 2nd Gen
Intercooler Fitment PHR
Product Specs
Material Aluminum
Outer Diameter 3.0 inches (76 mm)
Finish Raw or Gloss black powder coat or Matte black powder coat or Wrinkle black powder coat or Polished