PHR V45QR Turbo Manifold for 2JZ-GE

PHR 01012075.C.0.S.1.P56
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  • Generation
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  • Wastegate Flange(s)
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  • Secondary Tubing Size
  • Primary Tubing Inner Diameter
  • Secondary Tubing Inner Diameter
  • Tubing Material
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  • Flange Material
  • Collector
  • Turbine Fitment
  • Turbo Scroll
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Features and Solutions

Focusing on what's important

The Powerhouse Of Manifolds

Our manifolds are a key piece on some of the fastest and most beautiful cars on the planet. We hope to be a part of yours.

V-Band Turbine Housing

Powerhouse Racing is proud to offer our V45QR Turbo Manifold for the 2JZ-GE engine. It's made to support v-band inlet turbine housing equipped turbos like the Precision S-Cover, H-Cover and Sportsman cover turbos.

The QR Series

This manifold is part of our QR series lineup, utilizing 3 cast collectors into what PHR has dubbed the quick runner configuration. The QR manifold will have the same flow potential of our billet collector manifolds in a simpler and more cost effective package. Passing the material and cost savings on to you with just the small sacrifice of the aesthetics and design of PHR's billet collector options.

23 vs 45 vs 50

You'll notice the second two digits on our manifolds are different (eg: V23 vs V45). What's the difference between the two manifolds? Runner size. Below is a chart to help differentiate between manifold runner sizes.

2nd Two Digits

Primary Runner Size

Secondary Runner Size


1.25 Schedule 10

2.0 Schedule 10


1.5 Schedule 10

2.0 Schedule 10


1.5 Schedule 10

2.5 Schedule 10

Runner size is an interesting debate. You can think of this in the same manner as Turbine Housing A/R if you are familiar with it. A smaller runner restricts flow, but increases exhaust gas speed. A larger runner increases flow, but decreases exhaust gas speed. Higher runner flow will result in slightly higher peak horsepower, but slightly slower spool. Lower runner flow will result in slightly lower peak horsepower, but slightly faster spool. 

The decision on what works best for you is up to how you plan on using your car. If you are trying to maximize horsepower for your turbo, a larger runner may benefit you. If you want better all around power, a smaller runner may benefit you.

None of our manifolds are poor at making horsepower. Our 23 and 45 turbo manifolds both are rated for the same horsepower. UP to 2000 or more if you have a turbo that can do it! The turbo you choose plays a much larger role in the horsepower you can make. The manifold is often better chosen after you decide what turbo you will use and where you want your performance to be.

Our 50 turbo manifolds are reserved for PRO MOD Drag Race Turbo's.


Cast Collector

There are 3 cast collectors featured on the PHR QR Series Manifolds. The benefit of using casting as the process to produce these collectors is we are able to create paths of flow that are harder to achieve using other methods as well as the added benefit of lower cost.

The primary runner collectors blend very smoothly into the new secondary runners, while keeping runner lengths nearly equal length. The flow paths maximize exhaust scavenging to the two shared runners promoting better spool and better peak horsepower.

The turbo collector very smoothly blend the secondary runners into the turbo, while also promoting wastegate priority.

Wastegate Priority

The V45QR collector design prioritizes the wastegates. This means we have optimized flow to the gates. This allows for even better boost control. And while doing so, we've sacrificed nothing for flow to the turbo. Maximum power with great boost control is the result.

Maximum Performance

PHR manifolds are used by some of the fastest racers in the world. We take price in designing and producing the highest quality and best performing manifolds on the planet. We have manifolds that work well anywhere from 500hp to over 3000hp!

Ease Of Installation

Don't spend years trying to get your manifold to fit, only to have it come loose again. Those with the experience have bloodied enough knuckles, and ground down enough nuts to know how important this is. 

The PHR QR Series of manifolds make installation a lot easier. Easier to reach all of the nuts, with plenty of room to get your tools in to get it done. 


PHR builds the best fitting manifolds. Turbo positioning is ideal. We allow for plenty of room for downpipes, and oil drains, and they fit perfectly under the stock supra hood, even with very large turbos.

Some Details

  • PHR S and V Series manifolds use schedule 10 stainless steel tubing. Strong material backed by our lifetime warranty against cracking.
  • PHR S and V Series manifolds are hand built in-house by some of the best fabricators on the planet. Pain-staking detail is taken in every inch of these.
  • All TIG welded, Fully back purged, for strength quality and flow. These also eliminates any crystallization (slag). Slag can break off from inside lesser designed manifolds and damage the turbo.


Vehicle Fitment
Make Toyota, Lexus
Model Supra, SC300 (Soarer), IS300 (Altezza), GS300 (Aristo)
Chassis Code A80, Z30, Z31, Z32, S160, S161, S147, CE10, XE10
Generation MKIV (Mark 4), 1st Gen, 2nd Gen
Wastegate Flange(s) Turbosmart 60mm or TiAL 60mm or Precision 56mm or Dual Gate 44, 45 or 46mm
Engine 2JZ-GE, Non VVT-i, 2JZ-GE, VVT-i
Turbo Fitment Precision S Cover, Precision H Cover, Precision Sportsman Cover
Product Specs
Material Stainless steel
Primary Tubing Size 1.5 Schedule 10
Horsepower Rating 500-1700
Primary Tubing Outer Diameter 1.9"
Secondary Tubing Size 2.0 Schedule 10
Primary Tubing Inner Diameter 1.682"
Secondary Tubing Inner Diameter 2.157"
Tubing Material Schedule 10 Stainless
Secondary Tubing Outer Diameter 2.375"
Flange Material Stainless Steel
Turbine Fitment Precision T4 V-band Inlet /Outlet (S and H Cover) or Precision Sportsman V-band Inlet/Outlet or Other
Number of wastegates (S) Single wastegate or (D) Dual wastegate
Collector Cast
Turbo Scroll Single Scroll