PHR SPAL 16" Single Brushless Fan Kit for MKIV Supra

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Each fan shroud is hand built in house from aluminum sheet and tig welded together. These are very complicated pieces with many bends and several important weld seams. Creating the room for the in the best location makes for some very complicated designs and adds challenges during the fabrication process. Our fabricators are regarded as some of the best in the world, and this piece is a good example of what we can do when challenged by the constraints put upon us by fitment and design.

More Room

When you start upgrading to thicker radiators and dual electric fan setups you begin to lose room up front. One problem that can come with our dual electric fan setups is routing intercooler piping to the factory throttle body and maintaining the stock battery location. With the use of a single fan we are able to keep ample room for cold side intercooler pipes to route downward rather than through the factory battery location.

Integrated Coolant Overflow

Our innovative design has allowed us to build a fan shroud with an integrated coolant overflow tank. The integrated coolant overflow it helps you save valuable space in the engine bay of your MKIV while also giving you a simpler cleaner look. 

Our coolant overflow tank has a capacity of 1.12 liters

Bypass Flaps

At high vehicle speeds as airflow increases to the front of the car, if high pressure is built in front of the fans, bypass flaps open to allow even more airflow through the radiator, furthering cooling even more. 

  • Nitrile material used for flap construction
  • 3 air holes 
  • Air hole dimensions 3" x 2.5"


With your fan kit you will receive a harness to help optimize the use and functionality of your fan setup. We design and build all of our harnesses for the cleanest and simplest of installations. The Harness includes a 200A capable fuse holder with a 60A fuse installed.  

Finish Options

As with most of our products we bring you 5 finishing options. We take extra care in the prep of our products so that when it comes time to add a finish service we get the best possible results. Our powder coat finishes are offered in 3 options, gloss black, matte black, and wrinkle black. 

On top of these great Powder finishes we offer a polished finished. Utilizing one of the best polishing companies boasting over 20 years of experience. With experience working with other major manufacturers to having their items featured on many show winning vehicles, they provide us with a top quality service to give you the best possible finish.  

Why Brushless?

SPAL Brushless Fans 

With 40 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and marketing electric fans, its a no brainer why we chose them for our products. SPAL has been designing and manufacturing brushless fans since 2010 making them the leader in design and functionality. 

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PWM Control 

Utilizing PWM controls you are able to control the speed at which these fans come on. Unlike older electric fans its not just on and off, PWM control will allow to have the fans turn on at the minimal fan speed with the ability to be ramped up as coolant temps increase. Whether you are having this controlled by your aftermarket ECU or using the SPAL PWM controller you have absolute control of your fan settings.


Power Consumption 

Due to the brushless design of the motor, these fans are able to run more efficiently with lower amp draws than standard brushed variants. This particular fan is rated at 500 watts with a max draw of 33 amps at full speed.  

​ Airflow

Utilizing PWM controls the fan speed is adjustable from 600 rpm to a max of 2350 rpm. With this fan at 100% power its able to move a whopping 2450 CFM of airflow.


With zero friction inside the motor brushless fans have a longer life span, operate with less noise, have a high resistance to vibration, and mechanical stress levels.


Vehicle Fitment
Make Toyota
Model Supra
Chassis Code A80
Generation MKIV (Mark 4)
Product Specs
Material Aluminum
Finish Raw or Gloss black powder coat or Matte black powder coat or Wrinkle black powder coat or Polished