PHR Rigid Ultralight Valve Covers for 2JZ non-VVT-i, with Cam Sensor Boss On Exhaust Side

PHR 01011093.CS.B

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The PHR Rigid Ultralight Valve Covers come from the needs of Duy Bui's "White Rice" Drag 240sx. Orignally needing a valve cover that was very light weight as well as rigidly mounted to be able to install a OEM cam sensor on the exhaust cam for data for the race team and consistency in tune-ups when switching from one motor to a back up motor. Hence the name was born: The Rigid Ultralight Billet Valve Cover.​​

We decided to offer these amazing valve covers to the rest of the 2JZ community, but with or without the cam sensor boss, which is very rarely needed except for rare curcumstances for race teams like White Rice, and Dirty Taco.


Features and solutions

Focusing on what's important


Powerhouse Racing Billet Valve Covers are precision machined from solid 6061 billet and retain OEM fitment. Weight comes in at only 5 lbs. 14 oz. compared to the stock valve covers at 7 lbs 9 oz.

Maximum Breathing

Designed for race cars, the rear ports are LARGE for maximum breathing. Multiple breather options are available for standard breather tanks to dry sump engines running; pop-off valves, vacuum regulators and crankcase pressure sensors. These valve covers have very minimal baffling to focus on breathing. For those needing an oil cap, one of the rear ports can be used for an oil cap while the second port is large enough to allow for lots of air to still vent to a catch can.

Quick Release Coil Cover

Also available is the PHR quick release coil cover for those running coils that can fit between the valve covers. This coil cover uses simple quick release buttons to allow for removal in just seconds.

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  • Removable baffles for easy cleaning
  • Rear sensor port for measuring crank case pressure
  • O-ring cord seal
  • Only 5 lbs 14 oz combined weight
  • Work on both 2JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GE engines. 2JZ-GE engines must use front facing intake manifold.

Valve Cover Options

These valve covers sport a single -20 ORB opening on each one. You are able to select your options for fittings. -12AN, -16 AN, -20 AN, -20 ORB oil cap, or -20 ORB plug each sold separately.

Sealing with common cord stock

They use o-ring cord stock for sealing, all the way around the cover, including over the front cam cap with very precise tolerances. This allows race teams to carry some cord stock in their trailers to replace is the valve covers ever need to come off with very minimal expense over the factory valve cover gaskets. 

The cord stock is fully compressed into the valve cover allowing the valve cover to come into full contact with the mating surface to act as a further heat sink as well as making a solid precise mount of the valve cover. A dab of gasket maker or "FIPG" is all that is needed in the corners of the front main cap to get a great seal and that very small amount of sealant makes cleanup simple.

A note for the exhaust cam sensor

The Rigid Ultralight covers, when needing to use the exhaust cam sensor, utilize dowels that perfectly align the valve cover to the 2JZ cylinder head using existing machining in the factory 2JZ head. This allows certainty that  the exhaust cam sensor will be located in as perfect and repeatable position as possible. A custom camshaft must be used in order to use this valve cover in this fashion. Contact GSC Power Division for details. 


Finish Machined finish or Black Anodized or Polished