PHR Quick Release Coil Cover for 2JZ, Non-VVT-i

PHR 01010828.B.BK
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Into the Future

A New Design

While our classic design has been a staple in the 2jZ community for many years, we felt it was time for a change. We retired our old classic design to bring a newer innovative product to the market.

We proudly introduce the Billet Quick Release Coil Cover.

Product Advantages


One of our main objectives with the new design was to focus on weight. Lets be honest here, most of us are focused on performance. Why not have a product that not only looks good but every ounce is considered in the development. 

Our old classic cover while loved and used by many over the years just seemed kind of clunky. Weighing in at 2.1 pounds the new design is a whole pound lighter than the classic cover. 


If you aren't sold on this product by the looks and weight, lets talk about performance. Heat is a killer to electronic products, this new design features bigger air openings to help air flow to the coils packs. The cooler your coil packs are the better they will function!


With this new design and the racer in mind we wanted to make access to coil packs simpler. Time in the pits is valuable between races. We went with a Quick release button on this design to allow you to get the coil cover off and on faster for those spark plug changes. That small change also means you no longer have to worry and getting numerous bolts on and off or losing them. With no extra tools needed this makes things underneath easily serviceable. 

Make it Yours

Custom Engraving

Like the classic design before this one, you have the ability to truly make it your own. With the option for custom engraving you can have nearly anything you want added. There is a limitation on what you can have done. we will follow up with you if you order the custom option. 

Finish options

Like most of our products we offer different finishes. This Coil cover is no different. We offer it in a raw machined finish, a polished finish, and our beloved black anodized finish. 


The new design has different variant options as well. There are 4 versions of these coil covers available.

• 2JZ GTE Non VVT-i - This will work with OEM GTE valve covers or anything aftermarket that uses the OEM oil fill cap location. 

•2JZ GTE VVT-i - This will work with OEM GTE valve covers as well as anything after market that uses the OEM oil fill cap location. 

•2JZ GTE Dry Sump - This coil cover has no provision for any oil cap fitment, can possibly be used with other valve covers on the market. 

•Rigid Ultra Light - This version is specifically designed to be used on our Rigid Ultra Light Valve Covers, featuring specific clearances for the breathers. 


Vehicle Fitment
Make Toyota, Lexus
Model Supra, GS300 (Aristo)
Chassis Code A80, S147
Generation MKIV (Mark 4), 1st Gen
Trim Turbo
Engine 2JZ-GTE, Non VVT-i
Finish Machined finish or Black edition or Polished
Engraving Blank Engraving or Custom Engraving