PHR Breather Tank (Catch Can) for IS300

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Anyone building a high horsepower/high boost 2JZ engine has to consider the effects of crankcase pressure at these levels. With the standard PCV valve (only 7mm) the engine simply is not able to remove pressure fast enough from the crank case while under boost. The PHR Race Engine Breather solves this problem by vastly increasing the venting. By removing crank case pressure, you increase engine efficiency and therefore increase horsepower.

*This is for the tank only, but when ordering, after you select add to cart, you will have the option to add breather lines.

Features and Solutions

Focusing on what's important

Advanced Design

Crafted from premium-grade aluminum, our breather tank ensures exceptional durability and lightweight performance, reducing unnecessary weight while enhancing your engine's reliability.

Superior Ventilation

Featuring an innovative internal baffle system, our breather tank efficiently separates oil and air, preventing oil from escaping.

The PHR Breather tank features -12AN sized breather lines. These lines don't play around, they move a massive amount of air when compared to factory vent lines. We've used this size of lines on even extreme drag race applicati0ns on motors producing well over 1500hp. 


The use of the the PHR Breather tank, requires relocation of the battery to the trunk of the car. But we've got a solution for that as well. Check out the PHR Battery Box for IS300.

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Crank Case Ventilation

With an ample capacity, our breather tank effectively manages high-pressure crankcase ventilation, reducing the risk of oil blow-by and maintaining optimal engine performance. 

Large Capacity

The large capacity at over 3.5 liters holds a lot of oil which can help to keep oil in the can, rather than all over the engine bay.

Sleek Aesthetics

With multiple finishes available, this breather tank not only performs exceptionally, but also adds a sleek professional look to your engine bay.

Easy Maintenance

The tank includes a convenient drain plug for quick and hassle-free maintenance, ensuring your breather system remains in top condition with minimal effort. 
Further, the drain port is a standard 1/4 NPT thread, so adapting a drain hose to route under the car could make maintenance even easier.


 Ideal for use with all high-performance race engines, including turbocharged applications. Suitable for both track and street racing environments.

Package Includes

  • Breather Tank
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Drain Cock
  • Breather Filter

We make the breather lines to fit multiple engine and valve cover combinations


Breather lines will fit to either style of PCV Valve: threaded or grommet style. 

The lines will come with the fittings to convert the ports on the valve covers to -12AN.


Breather lines will fit 2JZ-GTE Swaps or 2JZ-GE engines which swapped valve covers.

The lines will come with weld-on bosses to covert the ports on the valve covers to -12AN

PHR Billet

PHR Billet Valve Covers fit both the 2JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GE with front facing intake manifolds.

The lines will come with -10ORB to -12AN fittings to adapt to the breather ports. However it will not come with the 4-bolt adapter that bolts into the valve cover. That part needs to be ordered separately or ordered with the PHR Billet Valve Covers.

PHR Rigid Ultralight Billet 

PHR Billet Valve Covers fit both the 2JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GE with front facing intake manifolds.

The lines will not come with the adapter fittings to adapt to the Rigid Ultralight Valve Covers. Those fittings will need to be ordered separately or ordered with the valve covers. 


Vehicle Fitment
Make Lexus
Model IS300 (Altezza)
Chassis Code CE10, XE10
Engine 2JZ-GTE, Non VVT-i, 2JZ-GTE, VVT-i, 2JZ-GE, Non VVT-i, 2JZ-GE, VVT-i
Product Specs
Material Aluminum
Finish Raw or Gloss black powder coat or Matte black powder coat or Wrinkle black powder coat or Polished