PHR Billet Freeze Plug Set for 4G63

PHR 07011002.6

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Something that's can be a pain in the ass is leaky freeze plugs on brand new builds. 

If you are building a motor, you know cleaning the coolant passages decently requires removal of the factory freeze plugs. Reinstalling the stamped steel dorman or oem plugs sucks. Even being very careful they easily warp or damage edges of the holes. And there is nothing worse than having to pull apart a brand new build to repair a stupid freeze plug. 

These new billet freeze plugs eliminate that problem. They have an aligning minor diameter to square up the plug for the initial press start. Then press in easily and firmly by simply tapping them in with a hammer. There is a shoulder on the outside edge that you can apply FIPG or silicone to to ensure it will be perfectly sealed even beyond the press seal, and the should assures it to be installed perfectly square at at the perfect depth. 

Not to mention, they are threaded in the center to be easily removed for block cleaning and are totally reusable and transferable to a different block.

6 Bolt DSM Kit Includes:                 7 Bolt DSM Kit Includes:
(9) 35mm freeze plugs                      (7) 35mm freeze plugs
                                           (2) 40mm freeze plugs

Machined from stainless steel, so they will never rust and give the block a great look very happy with these things and have been long overdue.


Vehicle Fitment
Make Mitsubishi
Model EVO, DSM
Chassis Code D22A, D27A, D32A, D33A, D38A
Generation 1st Gen, 2nd Gen
Select Model 7 Bolt (2G DSM / Evo 4-9) or 6 Bolt (1G DSM / Evo 1-3)