PHR Reverse Mount Dual Master Cylinder Kit for S14 240SX

PHR 02170301

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The Powerhouse Racing Reverse Mount Dual Brake Master Cylinder Kit for the S14 240SX allows you to eliminate the OEM brake booster/master cylinder combo and relocate your new master cylinders to the interior cabin of the car. The elimination of the OEM brake booster/master cylinder combo frees up space in the engine bay allowing for better intake manifold or downpipe fitment - not to mention a much cleaner look!

Here are the benefits when paired perfectly with a Wilwood pedal assembly:

Wilwood pedal assemblies and integrated balance bars have been designed specifically for racing applications. Properly set up, this assembly will allow for the precise adjustment of the front-to rear brake bias adjustment.

The advantages of an adjustable balance bar and dual master cylinders are:

1. Brake proportioning can be adjusted by use of different size master cylinder bores for front and       rear brakes.

2. Front to rear brake balance can be fine tuned by adjusting the balance bar.

3. With two independent hydraulic systems, should one master cylinder fail, the other system may         remain functional.


Make Nissan
Model 240SX
Chassis Code S14