PHR Billet Rear Differential Bushings for 93-98 Supra - Press-In

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Upgrade your 1993-1998 Toyota Supra with the PHR Billet Rear Differential Bushings, designed to replace the factory rubber mounts with precision-engineered solid aluminum bushings. This upgrade ensures superior performance, durability, and stability for high-performance driving.

Anodized Billet Aluminum

CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminum and anodized black.

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: Anodizing creates a thick oxide layer on the surface of the aluminum, which significantly improves its resistance to corrosion and wear. This is particularly beneficial in harsh environments where fittings are exposed to moisture, chemicals, or salt.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal and Durability: The black dye applied during the anodizing process not only gives the fittings a sleek and professional appearance but also ensures that the color is more durable and resistant to fading, scratching, and chipping compared to traditional paint or coatings.


These are a direct press-in replacement for OEM rubber mounts on the MKIV Supra as well as the Lexus SC300 and SC400.


Upgrading to solid aluminum differential mounts

Improved Performance

Solid aluminum bushings eliminate the flex and movement associated with factory rubber mounts, providing a more direct connection between the differential and the chassis. This results in more predictable handling and better power transfer to the wheels, enhancing overall performance.


Unlike rubber mounts that can deteriorate over time due to heat, oil, and other environmental factors, aluminum bushings offer exceptional durability and longevity. They are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that your differential remains securely mounted even under the most demanding driving conditions.

Increased Stability

Solid mounts reduce differential movement, which can lead to improved stability during acceleration, deceleration, and cornering. This stability is crucial for maintaining control and precision, especially in high-performance and racing applications.


Aluminum bushings require no maintenance compared to rubber mounts, which may need periodic inspections and replacements. Once installed, they provide a long-lasting solution that enhances your vehicle's performance without the need for ongoing upkeep.  

Drivetrain Response

 By reducing the play and movement in the differential, aluminum bushings contribute to a more responsive drivetrain. This results in quicker acceleration and more immediate feedback from the throttle, giving you a more connected driving experience.


Vehicle Fitment
Make Toyota, Lexus
Model Supra, SC300 (Soarer)
Chassis Code A80, Z30, Z31, Z32
Generation MKIV (Mark 4)
Trim Turbo, Naturally Aspirated (NA)
Product Specs
Finish Black Anodized
Material Aluminum