PHR Rear Differential Cover for 6speed Supra

PHR 01012211

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    The PHR Billet diff cover is aimed at Supras making in excess of 900rwhp or more or those making trips to the drag strip. Weather your doing hard launches at the track or a dig on the street. This is a vast improvement over the stock cover which is thin and week. Keep you car together. You make power, now make that power work for you instead of against you.

    The PHR cover comes has machined fins into the cover to help cool your rear end as well, so it's suited for street, strip, or road coarse.

    This cover works only with the 220mm differentials found in Twin Turbo 6spd cars.

    The reinforcement bars help to transfer the twisting force of the rear cover directly to the chassis of the vehicle. This can aid transferring energy into forward motion instead of flexing the rear subframe prior to full energy transfer. This can improve 60ft times and vehicle stability.

    Note for reinforcement bars: Due to the way the brace and bars are placed, you cannot fit an exhaust on the car with the reinforcement bars installed. You have to remove your exhaust in order the run the reinforcement bars.