PHR V23QR Turbo Manifold for 2JZ-GTE, Dual Gate, Sportsman

PHR 01012072.S.2.C.SM
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•V-Band Single-Scroll Collector for Sportsman Cover PTE Turbo
• Short, Equal Length Primary Into Two Secondary Runner Design
•1.25" 304L Stainless Steel Schedule 10 Primaries (1.44" ID)
•2.0" 304L Stinles Steel Schedule 10 Secondaries (2.157" ID)
•Dual 44/46mm Wastegate Flanges
- Includes Lower Waterneck Rotator , Short Stud and Nut Kit, and 4 studs and v-band clamp for turbine inlet.

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    This manifold is part of our QR series lineup, utilizing 3 cast collectors into what PHR has dubbed the quick runner configuration. The QR manifold will have the same flow potential of our billet collector manifolds in an simplier and most cost effective package. Passing the material and cost savings on to you with just the small sacrifice of the aesthetics and design of PHR's billet collector options.

    ​Powerhouse Racing is proud to offer our V23QR Turbo Manifold for the 2JZ-GTE engine. We developed this to be the best manifold for the 2JZ-GTE. It's made to support Sportsman Cover V-band PTE Turbos. Look no further than here for highest horsepower applications. 

                                                                                                                                Our manifolds are designed for 3 purposes:

    First: Ease of installation. - Don't spend years trying to get your manifold to fit, only to have it come loose again. Those with the experience have bloodied enough knuckles, and ground down enough nuts to know how important this is.
    Second: Fitment. - This manifold is hands down the best fitting manifold. Designed to fit perfectly under stock Supra Hood and behind a motor plated setup. 
    Third: Maximum Performance- We take pride in designing and producing the highest quality and strongest performing manifolds on the market

    •  PHR manifolds use schedule 10 stainless steel tubing. Strong material backed by our lifetime warranty against cracking. 
      All TIG welded, Fully back purged, for strength quality and flow. These also eliminates any crystallization (slag). Slag can break off from inside lesser designed manifolds and damage the turbo.
    • The placement of the waste gate(s) also do not interfere with the way the intercooler pipes or air filter are mounted. 
    • Each one is built on a car so fitment and quality is guaranteed!

                                                                                                                                        Powerhouse Racing Turbo Manifolds -
    PHR manifolds are hand built in-house by some of the best fabricators on the planet. Pain-staking detail is taken in every inch of these works of art. Backed by 20 years of proven performance.