PHR 74mm Bosch Drive By Wire Throttle Body Adapter for 2JZ-GTE VVT-i

PHR 010110A6

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Convert to Bosch: ECU Compatibilty

This adapter converts the factory throttle body on the 2JZ-GTE VVT-i engine to a Bosch 74mm DBW (drive by wire) throttle body. This adpter is the interconnect between the throttle body and the factory 2JZ-GTE VVT-i intake manifold. This may be necessary when installing some aftermarket engine management units.

Warning: The Bosch DBW Throttle Body cannot be controlled by a factory ECU. You must have an aftermarket ECU in order to control it.

Available Kit:

We offer this adapter as a part of a kit, which can include:

  • This throttle body to intake manifold
  • Bosch 74mm Throttle Body
  • Throttle Body to intercooler pipe adapter (in either coupler or dual seal clamp setup)

When combined with the PHR Throttle body to Intercooler pipe adatper, it is the exact same overall length as the factory throttle body so no adjustments to your intercooler piping should have to be made.

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The PHR 74mm Bosch Drive By Wire Throttle Body Adapter is machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum, and anodized black for corrosion and oxidation protection. Not to mention it looks killer.

Larger Throttle Body

The larger body opening allows more air to flow into the engine. This increase in airflow can lead to higher horsepower and torque, especially at higher engine speeds. 

Additionally, the throttle response tends to be quicker which is very important in performance driving scenarios where quick acceleration changes are needed.

Power Potential

A larger throttle body can help achieve higher peak power outputs. It's a part of a broader strategy to enhance the overall performance of the engine.


Vehicle Fitment
Make Toyota, Lexus
Model Supra, GS300 (Aristo)
Chassis Code A80, S160, S161
Generation MKIV (Mark 4), 2nd Gen
Trim Turbo
Engine 2JZ-GTE, VVT-i
Product Specs
Finish Black Anodized
Material Aluminum