PHR One Piece Billet Timing Belt Drive Gear for 2JZ-GTE (36-2 tooth pickup wheel)

PHR 01011080

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    CNC Machined

    The Powerhouse Racing One Piece Billet Timing Belt Drive Gear for the VVT-i 2JZ-GTE features a one-piece design and is CNC machined from a billet steel the maintains the magnetic properties of the OEM VVT-i crank gear.

    Lighter Weight

    This timing belt drive gear features lightening holes on both the front and the rear of the gear to keep it as light as possible

    Upgrade from 12 tooth

    This is a common upgrade for cars with aftermarket ECU's. When comparing the 36-2 tooth gear to the 12 tooth version, the 36-2 tooth gear offers better crank shaft position resolution for more precise ignition and fuel injection timing.

    Tooth Edge

    Compared to OEM, the edges of the PHR gears teeth are more precisely machined with a better square shape to aid in tooth edge pickup for the ECU. This can help with earlier timing sync on cranking.

    No more broken teeth

    The PHR timing hear is less brittle than the OEM gear. If you were to accidentally drop it, the teeth are not likely to break off like the OEM gear.


    Also known as:

    • Timing Gear
    • Drive Gear
    • VVT-i Crank Gear
    • VVT-i Timing Gear
    • 36-2 Gear
    • Lower Timing Gear