PHR Oil Galley Plug

PHR 01011063
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    Simple, time saving

    Don't Tap It

    When sending a 2JZ block to the machine shop you must remove the four oil galley plugs to ensure the all metal shaving and contaminants are able to be cleaned out of the oil passages. 

    To extract the factory plugs, you weld a stud to the plug, and pull it. Upon removal most of these are no longer usable. Many shops will spend time to tap the galleys to receive tapered pipe plugs. We've found that this created a lot more work than is necessary. Further, if the block needs to be serviced again, the clean up of the sealant for a pipe plug difficult and time consuming. Rather than bother with that, just hammer in the PHR Oil Galley Plug and be done. 

    The PHR Oil Galley Plugs are a perfect press-fit replacement for the 2JZ engine block. Priced per single plug.