PHR Pinless Dual Seal Clamp Assembly, 3.5", Black, Aluminum Ferrules

PHR 00001002.350.B.A
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Boost Integrity

Advantages of PHR Dual Seal Clamps

Pinless Design

By utilizing a release mechanism, rather than a removable pin, you cannot lose the pin. A simple press of the release button and press on the tab and the clamp is instantly released.

Relocking is as simple as bushing the release button and snapping it back together.

Quick Assembly and Disassembly

The quick-connect feature of dual seal clamps is particularly beneficial during maintenance, upgrades, or repairs. This allows for faster turnaround times and minimizes vehicle downtime.

Pressure Resistance

Intercooler systems, particularly in turbocharged engines, can experience significant pressure fluctuations. Dual seal clamps are robust and provide a secure seal that can withstand high pressure without leaking, which is crucial for maintaining engine performance and efficiency.

Vibration Resistance

Engine and road vibrations can compromise connections in intercooler piping. The secure fit and robust construction of dual seal clamps help maintain a reliable seal in these vibrating environments, reducing the risk of component failure.


A secure and leak-proof connection is essential in intercooler systems to ensure optimal engine performance and to prevent issues like boost leaks. Dual seal clamps provide a reliable connection that enhances overall system integrity.

Space Efficiency

Intercooler systems often have limited space due to the complexity of engine compartments. The compact design of dual seal clamps is advantageous because it helps optimize the use of available space without compromising the strength or reliability of the connection.

Functional Aesthetics

The design of these clamps often incorporates functional elements, such as ergonomic release mechanisms or color-coded features, that enhance usability while also contributing to their overall style.  

Sleek Integration

The robust construction and precise manufacturing of this adapter gives a professional appearance that suggests quality and reliability. This aspect is often appreciated in performance applications where both form and function are critical. 

When installed, dual seal clamps can appear almost seamless with the piping, creating a uniform and integrated look. This is due to their precise engineering, which ensures a close fit to the components they secure.


PHR Dual Seal Clamps are CNC machined from billet 6061 Aluminum and anodized black.


Finish Black Anodized
Material Aluminum
Tubing Size 3.5 in (89 mm)