FSM FU Dizzy Kit - Distributor Delete Kit for Toyota/Lexus 2JZ-GE

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PHR/FSM Exhaust Cam Gear ONLY with Timing Pickups
Distributor Delete Cap
Sensor Bracket and Sensor

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    Thank you for your interest in our exclusive FSM 2JZ-GE distributor delete system, dubbed the “FU Dizzy” kit. Being the first and only of its kind, it’s surely become a game changer for the NA/T crowd! Additionally, it can serve as an upgrade for the 1JZ/2JZ non VVTi GTE owners as well!!

    The FSM FU Dizzy kit will allow you reap the benefits of running any 2JZ-GTE camshaft available on the market today. That, along with converting to an updated ignition system providing greater spark energy lessening the chance of pesky misfires and spark blowout from high boost pressures throughout the rpm band. Possibly the greatest benefit is upgrading to a modern and far superior digital hall sensor to monitor the precise need for engine position and leaving behind the 30 year old antiquated VR analog sensors found in the distributor which are highly susceptible to RF noise and extremely problematic during low battery voltages while cranking. Another plus is the additional space allotted for bigger turbos without an ugly distributor in the way :)

    Featured is a specially designed FSM custom spec’d dual pole hall sensor that is responsible for both the CAM and CRANK positions. The cylinder head requires absolutely no modifications, nor will you need to change to a different oil pump. Engine stays assembled, there’s no hidden surprises with needed parts or machining/welding services and the conversion takes only a few hours.


    FU Dizzy conversion consists of several components. Firstly, is a sensor bracket and a block-off plug for the distributor location, both are CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminum then black anodized and laser etched with the FSM logo, both with stainless hardware for installation. Our previously mentioned hall effect sensor with pigtail harness, which is of motorsports grade construction, covered in Raychem DR-25 heat shrink with adhesive lined tubing at both ends for reliable protection and features service loops at the DTM plug for strain relief and servicing if ever needed. A matching DTM socket connector with solid pins is included for harness integration. Lastly, a black FSM/PHR locking (another industry first) adjustable cam gear specially machined for our rare earth magnets with added FSM logos. Sold separately, we offer a labeled sub-harness constructed in the same fashion as the sensor using Tefzel shielded cable and Raychem protection for pnp wiring into your EMS.

    The FU Dizzy kit requires an engine management system (EMS) which accepts digital hall inputs for crank/cam signals. Most modern-day systems such as the AEM Infinity, Haltech Elite/Pro, ECU Masters Pro Series, Black and Classic , Pro-EFI, MOTEC, Vi-Pec, Link G4+, and others will offer this. The AEM V1/V2 boxes must be modified internally by adding a couple resistors to the pcb. If you are in the market for an EMS, we can make recommendations and provide a system which will work best for you.

    Installation can be performed at home but requires some specific mechanical and wiring knowledge along with specialty tools. On the mechanical side of things, it's no more difficult than replacing your timing belt and drilling a hole in the rear timing cover. The wiring end of it is only 4 wires. If you plan on having your favorite tuner shop do the installation it should take no longer than 3 hours start to finish. You'll need to consult with your tuner for startup configuration which for them is straight forward. Comprehensive instructions are included with the kit and are available upon request.