FSM FFIM Plenum Kit for 2JZ-GE


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Thank you for your interest in our FFIM plenum kit for all versions of 2JZ-GE....the first and only full bolt-on kit available anywhere and proudly made in America!

*This kit is designed for use only with aftermarket engine management systems and manual transmission applications but can work with auto transmissions as well. Full computer controlled “5 solenoid” autos that came with the 2JZ-GTE and other modern transmissions that use their own transmission control modules such as a DCT or a 6R80 are compatible. Unfortunately, VVTi auto's using parallel ecu's (IS/GS) will not function due to removal of the factory throttle body and its accelerator position sensor, converting them to “drive by cable” operation. Mechanical auto's such as the GM TH400 are not a problem.

**FFIM Fitment is not guaranteed in swapped cars! For instance, the MK3 Supra's brake booster will interfere with the plenum.

Dating back to 2006 our design is often imitated and never duplicated! Development work began on a flow bench at world class performance cylinder head specialist, Headgames Motorworks. Everything from plenum volume to brake booster clearance angle to runner inlet design was taken into consideration and fine-tuned with ultimate flow in mind. Utilizing the factory lower intake runners the plenum features radiused runner inlets, easing airflow delivery, and minimizing intake port turbulence which helps with fuel atomization. Plenum inlet is in a forward position and not offset which greatly eases installation eliminating the burden of relocating the battery, fuse box, or ecu box (IS300 and GS300). Constructed of a thick .250" wall 6061 aluminum extrusion, it will take all the boost you can throw at it. Convenience and aesthetics are of course a highlight, but also worth mentioning is the huge 11 lb. weight loss alone! We're obliged to say that many of our customers have surpassed the coveted 1000whp mark and continue to push the limits with confidence in our design!

All billet throttle bodies use the factory Toyota TPS and are offered in 3 sizes. 75, 82.5, or 90mm. 75/82.5 come in a clear machined finish or black anodize but the 90mm only comes black. Hose connection choice is for a standard coupling or flanged for the popular Vibrant HD clamp system. Ask more about this when placing your order!

All kits are made to order and carry a lead time but can be customized in any way specific to your needs.

All standard orders will be configured in the following manner:

Non-VVTi applications are flanged on the bottom for the factory idle valve and includes our billet EGR block off plate for USDM OBD1 versions.

VVTi kits are specific to TPS rotation and will have the throttle body flange rotated for ecu box clearance (IS300/2g GS300). Included is a universal remote mount idle air control valve kit with terminated pigtail harness ready for use with your engine management system.

Both kits include a power steering pump suction port fitting with o-ring, however power steering reservoir relocation is necessary. For all chassis applications we offer the PHR Deluxe power steering reservoir kit for it's good looks and excellent fitment.

Stainless-steel hardware with Nord-lock premium washers, plenum gasket, throttle cable for either LHD or RHD, remote mount black anodized vacuum manifold, several barbed vacuum fittings for plenum and brake booster.

Plenums come in a natural brushed aluminum finish. *Custom Cerakote and powder coating is available, please ask.

Optional parts:

-FSM distributor delete and coil on plug ignition kits. You can now run any GTE cam on the market!!!!

-PHR 2JZ-GE billet fuel rail.

-Phenolic runner to cyl head gasket. Helps fight heat soak lowering intake temps.

-PHR Deluxe Power Steering Reservoir Kit.

-Vibrant HD clamp system.