The Great Oil Pressure Test- Factory Oil Cooler and the PHR Oil Filter Relocation Kit

To provide everyone with our data on Oil Filter Relocation Kits we did the following tests. This data is open for discussion.

The setup and testing procedure took a total of 3 days worth of work with the test spanning across two days. We don't plan on doing any more testing.

If you want further testing, feel free to handle it yourself. You may post your data in this thread, no problem. But, If you are going to post your data, please include as much information about your oiling system as possible and keep your data consistent an an apples to apples comparison. Your data in comparison to ours is NOT apples to apples. Your data should be a comparison of a change on your own vehicle/engine in a similar environment.

In each datalog, I have highlighted the lowest oil pressure observed during the pull. You can read the datapoints at any point on your own by simply looking and estimating what that data point would be.

Trying to keep consistent between pulls, we logged oil temperature as well. Each run was started when oil temp reached 170 degrees F.

Each time the motor was reved to about 8000RPM

Each pull the car was making about 850hp and each pull there was no hp difference worth noting.

This motor is a PHR Built 3.0L motor using factory crankshaft, CP pistons, Carrillo Rods.

It is equipped with a PHR Modified Factory Oil Pump (yes it is shimmed). This is important to note because we will observe higher oil pressures than a factory oil pump. No, we will not be repeating the test with a factory oil pump. This test is for COMPARISON of the DIFFERENCE in oil filter setups not pump setups. We are comparing DIFFERENCES between oil pressure and how each setup changes the oil pressure.

Test # 1

Factory Non Turbo Oil Filter Housing With No Oil Cooler

Starts off at 110psi oil pressure averages 100psi across the pull
Lowest pressure logged was 96PSI
Pressure dips down and touches 96psi right at 7200rpm and again at 7900rpm right before letting off throttle

Test # 2

Factory Twin Turbo Oil Filter Housing With Factory Oil Cooler

Run starts out about 94psi of oil pressure and averages about 90psi throughout the pull dipping as low as 83psi at 7400rpm and again at 7900.
Averaging about 15-20psi lower throughout the entire rpm range than the factory NA setup

Test # 3

Factory Twin Turbo Oil Filter Housing With Factory Oil Cooler and PHR Oil Filter Relocation Kit

Starts out about 88psi averages about 85psi throughout the pull and dips down to the lowest of 80psi right at 8000RPM.
Very consistent with run 2 and the factory turbo configuration. The PHR Oil Filter Relocation Kit does not appear to offer much further restriction and this

result is consistent in Test #4

Test # 4

PHR Oil Filter Relocation Kit Only, No Factory Housing or Oil Cooler

beginning of run 112psi averaging about 108psi through the pull and tapering down to a low of 96psi
at 8000RPMs
The taper from high oil pressure seems to be a little more drastic and the over all oil pressure curve seems to be more spikey than the other runs tested reaching the highest oil pressure recorded so far of 117psi
but over all made more oil pressure and held the same as the highest tested previously (Factory non turbo)

Test # 5

Oil Filter mounted straight to Block using PHR Oil Filter Union

Starts out at 110-112 psi avg 108psi max 114psi min 103psi
Over all consistent with the NA oil filter housing except the taper was not evident at higher RPM
Unlike any other tests the lowest oil pressure recorded was over 100psi

Test Opinions
If oil pressure is of concern to you (and it should be in a race application) then my opinion would be to ditch the factory oil cooler completely. If a Relocation Kit and Oil Cooler is needed then the results from directly off the block (no factory housing) exceeded all other tests... in other words, the factory oil cooler is a big restriction.
In a high RPM fun revving situation the oil pressure fall off was not as evident mating the filter directly to the block using the oil filter union and i would assume the typical oil starve situation that happens at very high RPMs would be extended by a couple hundred revs, but overall made more oil pressure and held the same as the highest tested previously (Factory non turbo)

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