Brian Lang; US Army Specialist

When I first bought my Toyota Supra Turbo back in March 2015, I was immediately directed to PowerHouse Racing by multiple sources. Not only due to location of me, but of the reputation. Doing my research, I was keen on details of the shop. The notoriety. The attention to detail. The products. One of the VERY few shops Internationally that is consistently putting out more products, for innovations and inventions of the Supra/2JZ platform. I got news that I was deploying Fall 2016 so I came to an agreement with them to drop my car off in the summer and pick it up when I got back. Well... as life happens, it was delayed due to events on my side of life. PHR was immediately understandable and was willing to work with me on the build. Week by week I was given constant and in depth updates of the car. From parts being uninstalled, to being pushing in a great direction of where the build needs to be, to then reinstallation. I came back from the deployment, then immediately got orders a month later to deploy again. This time, I had all of the funding. As soon as it was received, boom. Head over heels to wrap up the car and get it sent over to Dynosaur Performance to get the engine tuned. From Day One, the team at PowerHouse Racing has been beyond helpful. More than I can even fathom. From the meticulous detail to the engine bay, to even following up on my life status and checking on my personal health, they are THE company I will forever be dealing with in the Supra/2JZ platform world. They’ve done so much for me, it’s time to return that favor by going to events, meets and even making trips down to say hello. Once again PowerHouse Racing, thank you for everything that you do. The car has came such a long way, and it can only go up from here. I am truly humbled by the presence and character of the team and I am truly grateful.