Thermostat Delete for 2JZ-GTE Installation

Step 1.

Drain coolant

Step 2.

Remove upper and lower radiator hoses for waternecks.

Step 3. 

Remove lower waterneck, remove thermostat.

Step 4.

Replace thermostat with provided gasket/disc.

Step 5. 

Replace lower waterneck.

Step 6.

Remove upper waterneck.

Step 7.

Remove stock bypass tube

Step 8.

Replace stock bypass tube with provided blocking tube

Step 9. 

Reinstall upper waterneck (replace gasket if any damage has occurred when removed)

Step 10. 

Reinstall upper and lower hoses. 

Step 11.

Refill with coolant. It is best to raise front of vehicle as high as possible to remove possible air pockets.

ABS Relocation Kit 2001-2005 IS300