Powerhouse Racing Trac Pump Delete Installation

This installation will save 22lbs, make it easer to reach your oil filter and tremendously clean up the engine bay.

1) Purchase the PHR Trac Pump Delete Kit: 

2) Drain Brake Fluid from brake master cylinder

3) Unbolt the trac pump and trac actuator. You able to remove all the parts without removing the brake master cylinder. Flush any brake line fluid with water right away if it comes in contact with the paint!


4) Plug the two ports on the brake master with rubber caps & clamps.

5) Install 2 resistors as shown in link above in the harness.

6) Install the two 10 ohm resistors in the 3-pin connector as shown below:

7) You will have 2 lines left hanging across the firewall, a thick & a thin line. Remove the thick line and the corresponding small line shown in the picture. Insert the plug and tighten into the port on the ABS unit shown in the picture. 

8) Bend the thin line near the brake master cylinder so that the end will now be inserted into the master cylinder where the trac pump line was removed. Take your time and be careful not to kink the line.

9) Bleed all brakes and check for leaks. Very cautiously test drive the car at a slow speed. After test driving the car, check for leaks again.

PHR Sending Unit for MKIV