PHR Brushless SPAL Fan Kit Installation and Setup

This is a comprehensive installation and setup guide for the ultimate cooling fan solution for the 1993-1998 Toyota Supra. Keep in mind that this shroud requires you to relocate your battery. Additionally, the cold side intercooler piping must route through the battery tray location.


Step 1: Disconnect your battery. Drain some coolant, enough to remove your upper radiator piping. In addition to the piping remove your factory clutch fan setup and shroud. Remove your intercooler piping if necessary.

Step 2: Drop in the PHR fan shroud, there will be 4 tabs you will connect to your radiator with included m6x1.0 hardware. The top bracket, on turbo exhaust side will need a spacer and the longer bolt. Make sure wiring is fed up through the space between shroud and framerail.