Intake Kit for Single Turbo

PHR Intake Kit for Single Turbo


This kit included the following Items:

  •  4" mandrel bent intake pipe
  • PHR 4" High-Flow Air Filter
  • (1) PHR 4" black silicone coupler
  • (2) 4" worm gear clamps


Step 1:

Install turbo air intake coupler onto turbo, with the worm clamps loosely tightened so that they maintain position.



Step 2:

Install the air intake pipe into coupler on turbo, tighten the worm clamps so that the pipe stays in place but loose enough so that you can turn the pipe



Step 3:

Install the filter onto air intake pipe. 



Step 4:

Position filter, pipe, and clamps as necessary. Then tighten all clamps.


Your Air Intake Kit for the single Turbo is now installed and ready

Street Torque Turbo Kit Installation