PHR Fuel Level Sending Unit for
1993-1998 Toyota Supra


Parts List:

1x Sending unit, assembled with bracket

2x M3 x 0.7 x 5mm stainless socket head bolts

3x Butt connectors




Step 1

Remove factory fuel pump bracket from vehicle, remove factory fuel sender from bracket.

Step 2

Cut factory connector from the sending unit.


Step 3

Remove low fuel light switch from factory sender. Just unscrew the two phillips head bolts and slide out of the unit.

Step 4

Attached the low fuel light switch to the PHR Sending Unit Bracket using the two provided M3x0.7x5mm bolts.

Step 5

Using the supplied butt connectors, crimp the wires to the factory connector: Red to Red, Black to Black, Brown to Brown

Step 6

Secure wires using a zip tie so that they do not interfere with the sending unit

Step 7

Attach the PHR sending unit to the factory fuel pump bracket.

Because the bracket is wider than the factory piece, this may make installing back into the tank very difficult, so this step can be performed by first setting the fuel pump bracket and sending unit into the tank, and then attach the sending unit to the bracket inside the tank. For aftermarket hangers this may be the only possible method of installation.