PHR SC300 Triple 485/525 LPH Pump installation

Parts List

  • Hat Assembly
  • Upper Bracket
  • Mid Bracket
  • Pump Holder Bracket
  • 6 -
  • 4 –
  • Fuel line _ long
  • Fuel Line _ long
  • Fuel Line _ long
  • 6- Fuel Line Clamps
  • Plug
  • Plug
  • 3 – Barb Fitting
  • 1 return fitting
  • 1 feed fitting
  • 3 O-rings

    Recommended Parts

  • 3 PHR fuel pump installation kits
  • 3 485 or 525 fuel pumps

    Preface, I have removed the fuel tank from the vehicle for the ability to access everything and be able to get pictures for documentation. If possible drain the fuel tank and work in a well ventilated space away from heat and sparks.

    Step 1

  • Remove stock Fuel Hat
  • Undo 3 Bolt holding up the stock unit
  • Cut the wires from stock pump to hat and set the gasket to the side



Step 2

  • Disconnect the factory rubber hose



I took a small piece of 3/8 fuel hose, cut the end off a shoulder bolt and grabbed 2 clamps. I used this to make a plug as youll need to plug the factory hardline that is in the tank.



So I slipped my fresh made plug hose over the factory hardline, tightened it up then bent the hardline out of the way.


Step 3

  • Assemble the hanger. Youll have 3 O-rings that go into the Pump holder Bracket


Step 4, Top Hat Assembly

  • Put all your fittings in place, If you are only installing 2 pump be sure to use the supplied plug to block off that port.
  • If you bought the pump Installation kit, build your plugs to the harness, make sure you notate which wire is positive and negative. Connect one red wire from the harness on the bottom side to one plug and one ground from the 3 wire ground supplied with the kit. Terminate and seat, repeats for every pump


From here on there wont be many pictures since youll be finishing the assembly inside the tank.

Step 5, Adding Pumps. (I preassembled the pump bracket outside the tank for illustration purposes, the pump bracket will not fit through the hole with all 3 pumps attached, but it will with only 1 pump)

  • Attach your hose to the pumps, be sure to notate the hose lengths as the longer hose goes on the pump furthest away
  • Squeeze the Clamp tight. Repeat for all pumps
  • One by one start placing the pumps in the Pump Holder Bracket and make sure they are seated in all the way.
  • Secure them down with the bracket provided
  • Add socks to the bottom of the pump (youll need to undo either the pump bracket or mid bracket to gain access)


This is how the pumps are assembled in the Pump bracket


Step 6

  • Set your top hat gasket in place
  • Grab your assembled top hat, do the wiring for the pumps (If you bought the kit, simply plug them up now)
  • Connect the feed hoses to the top hat, be sure to crimp the hoses on there tight
  • Tighten the 3 black wire ground terminal under one of the 3 bolts that holds the hanger
  • Install the tophat and gasket, make sure all the bolt holes line up



Tighten the top hat down, finish up your wiring to power the pumps and your feed and return lines