PHR GS300 NA-T S23 Turbo Kit, for 2JZ-GE Motor

Price: $3,500.00 (USD)
PHR 01012306.V.TD.
Complete S23 Turbo Kit for 2nd Gen GS300. Must have FFIM and distributor removed!

This kit is built for a 2nd Gen GS300 with a GE engine. This kit will not work if you have a distributor on your head, a forward facing intake manifold is also required. This kit was built for a Precision 6870 H-Cover Turbo, turbos of similar size should be compatible as long as it has a 3"v-band turbine outlet.  

Kit Includes
  • S23 Twin Scroll Manifold for 2jz-GE
  • 3" - 4" Downpipe
  • 4" Midpipe
  • 2 Dumptubes (atmosphere)
  • 4" Intake kit (with filter)
  • PHR Short Stud Kit
  • PHR manifold to Turbo Nut/Stud kit
  • PHR Oil Feed Line
  • PHR Oil Drain Line
  • PHR Waterneck Rotator
  • Gasket for Turbo
  • All Clamps and Couplers Included (not pictured)

Add you choice of wastegates and turbo (sold separately) and you are ready to go. (Other supporting mods may be required for your power goal)