PHR Ultimate Cooling Kit

We have put together a complete Ultimate Cooling Solution for MKIV owners, all you need is to pick from the option above to complete the kit, at this time there are only two finish options available for the package black (black anodize and matte black powder) and Raw. This kit will work in a SC300, but you will need to order the PHR BIllet Radiator Support Brackets for SC300. PN: PHR 03080601

Kit Includes

    * -20 XTM Race Radiator

    * -20 Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses

    * -20 Billet upper water neck

    * -20 Lower water neck (GTE is billet and NA is welded)

    * 160 deg F thermostat (71 C)

    * PHR Spal Brushless fan kit

    * PHR Overflow Tank

    * PHR Waterneck Rotator (GTE Only)

** This kit will require a battery relocation and your cold side intercooler piping to go through the sheet metal in the OEM battery location. While the Brushless fan kit comes complete with wiring and relays, you will need a way to control the fans/speed. 

Making selections in the following sections may change the final product price.
01010645.R.20, 01010615.BK.E, 01010614.M, 01010643.M, 01010622.M, 01010640, 01010621.M, 01010602
01010645.MB.20, 01010615.BKB.E, 01010614.BK, 01010643.BK, 01010622.MB, 01010640, 01010621.MB, 01010602
01010645.R.20, 01010623.BK, 01010622.M, 01010640, 01010621.M
01010645.MB.20, 01010623.BKB, 01010622.MB, 01010640, 01010621.MB


  • GTE, Raw Finish
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