PHR SC300 E85 Fuel Line Kit

The PHR E85 Based Fuel lines kit for the Lexus SC300 will complete your upgrade to your fuel system to achieve your power goals. This line kit is based on using Ethanol as your fuel type and the components are based on that. This line kit is good from 500 to over 1100hp on E85. All lines are preassembled to the length needed for a quick and painless installation.

Kits Include;

  • Black Braided Teflon Hose with black hose ends
  • Fits Stock Intake Manifold
  • Flex Fuel Compatible


Choose Between;

  • Single -8 feed/ Dual -8 Feed/ Single -10 Feed
  •  -6 / -8 Returns
  • Stock or Aftermarket Manifold
Making selections in the following sections may change the final product price.
*ONLY* compatible with Aftermarket DUAL RAIL*
*ONLY* Compatible with Dual -8 Feed, -8 Return Kits*


  • Single -8 feed W/ -6 Returns
  • Stock
$730.00 (USD)
$730.00 (USD)