PHR XTM Breather Tank for 1993-1998 Supra - Right Hand Drive

For those running larger frame turbos and looking for the maximum capacity out of their breather system. PHR introduces the beautifully handcrafted XTM Breather Kit for the Toyota Supra. An integral part of any high horsepower/high boost application.

Taking a step up from our popular Gen 2 breather kits this has a 1 GALLON capacity and tucks nicely in between the passenger firewall and strut tower. Dual -12AN lines and Dual 1" filters to vent the most amount of crank case pressure. Tank is internally baffled to allow air out and keep oil in. A drain valve is provided to empty your catch can without the trouble of removing it.

This kit will require you to have an ABS Delete or Relocation to fit in place. You also need to remove your OEM charcoal canister if you haven't already. Bungs to weld on the valve covers are included in the kit. If you don't have a welder available to you PHR can provide that service as well.

Please note, the pictures show the left hand drive version of this tank. The right hand drive version is a mirror of this and mounts on the opposite side of the engine bay.

Our ABS Delete Kit can be found HERE


PHR 01011086
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Black Fittings on Stainless Line
Black Fittings on Black Line


  • Raw Finish (uncoated)
  • No Breather Lines
$460.90 (USD)
$460.90 (USD)