PHR Universal Billet Remote Oil Filter Mount Kit, -12ORB Ports

Price: $181.50 (USD)
PHR 00003102

PHR Billet Remote Oil Filter Mount is the perfect solution for drysump or external oil pump setups. Machined from billet aluminum, we have enlarged passages and smoothed edges to create a very high flowing mount without any restrictions. 

This mount will mount most oil filters that have a 3/4-16 thread. On our race engines we use a WIX filter (Part # WIX 51515R). This is the highest flow potential filter we've found. There is also a street version with better filtration but a little less flow. (Part # WIX 51515)

Features two additional 1/8NPT ports for mounting a sensor or using as an oil feed.

Comes with a billet universal mount for attaching on a frame rail, firewall or any flat panel.