PHR Billet Oil Filter Mount, -12ORB Ports

PHR Billet Oil Filter Mount is the perfect solution for remote mounting an oil filter. Machined from billet aluminum, we have enlarged passages and smoothed edges to create a very high flowing mount without any restrictions. 

This mount will mount most oil filters that have a 3/4-16 thread.

Features two additional 1/8NPT ports for mounting a sensor or using as an oil feed.

Can come with a billet universal mount for mounting on a frame rail or flat panel, or can come with a 2jz specific mount that located it near the bellhousing off the lower oil pan.

PHR 01011053
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FIT.12ORB.12ANM.0.A.AB (x2)
FIT.12ORB.10ANM.0.A.AB (x2)


  • No Fittings Needed
  • No Bracket
  • No Filter
$148.50 (USD)
$148.50 (USD)