Dailey Engineering / PHR 10 Stage Billet Dry Sump System for 2JZ - Xtreme Drag Package

PHR 10 Stage Dry Sump
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We've taken our already exceptional lineup of dry sump options to the next level with a 10 Stage Ultimate Drag Package. Many of the dry sump kits available produce consistent oil pressure but lack in maintaining adequate crankcase vacuum in extreme conditions the 2JZ is known for at the track. Our latest development is geared towards solving this issue along with maintaining all the performance gains you come to expect from a dry sump system.    

The drag kit still uses our unique integral dry sump pump but adds even more additional scavenge sections for assisting in vacuum. These sections do require the use of external vacuum rated hose.

This Pump requires a Motor Plated Setup and is designed to pull vacuum even under the most extreme methanol fueled drag passes. This is the pump to take your engine program to the next level and is intended for cars looking to making 6 second or better quarter mile passes.

This kit is tailor designed to fit your engine block (billet or oem) and your crank and rod combo. Call for more information and pricing. 

Applications: Drag

Our Drag kit includes the following items;

  • Proprietary Dailey Engineering Billet T6 6061 Oil Pan
  • Dailey Engineering 7 Stage Oil Pump
  • Dailey Engineering 3 Stage Vacuum Pump
  • HTD Taper grip pump pulley
  • (2) Belts
  • Drive Set for use on the ATI Damper (v1 or v2)
  • HTD Crank Pulley
  • Oil Filter Block-Off w/ Union adapter 
  • Installation hardware kit
  • Filter Screens

Additional Recommended Items;
  • Oil Tank
  • Modified OEM Oil Pump or Billet Front Cover
  • Remote Oil Filter Mount
  • Pop-Off Valve