PHR VVT-i Gear Oil Feed Line Kit

The Powerhouse Racing VVT-i Gear Oil Feed Line is the perfect solution for the enthusiasts that are upgrading their non-VVT-i engines with a VVT-i head. It also makes for a nice dress up piece for those already utilizing VVT-i.

Includes (3) OEM crush washers. OEM banjo bolts are available as an option.

Please note: the early 2JZ engines did not utilize VVT-i. There is a oil pressure sensor located on the block in place of the OEM VVT-i oil feed line found on the later 2JZ engines. If you have a early 2JZ (non-VVT-i) block, you will need to select our adapter. If you have a late 2JZ block that utilized VVT-i from the factory, you will need to select our spacer.


Early Model 2JZ
Early Model 2JZ
PHR 01011075.E
Price: $181.50 (USD)
Late 2JZ
Late Model 2JZ
PHR 01011075.L
Price: $132.00 (USD)