Circle D Specialties 245mm Pro Series 6R80-2JZ Torque Converter

Price: $1,779.00 (USD)

Pro Series Stage III Billet Multi Disk Torque Converter

We’ve paired up with Circle D Specialties, the go-to for 6R80 source converters, to offer you an exclusive Pro-Series triple disc lock-up converter to connect the 2JZ to the 6R80. When asked what the power rating of the converter, we were answered with a simple “All of it”. Lock it up and put the power to the ground! Circle D custom designed a billet front that will mate with the OEM A340 Flex Plate, making the swap much simpler.  

Currently building all converters with a 3800 STALL SPEED, Operation has been perfectly suited for a wide range of applications. Circle D has ability to make adjustments but  for the tim being we have been recommending customers to start here until the data/experience proves differently.

The original 6R80 performance torque converter, look no further!

  •  100 Square Inches of Clutch Lining for WOT Lock-Up
  •  Furnace Brazed
  •  Hand TIG Welded
  • Torrington Bearings
  • Billet Front and Billet Piston
  • Flanged Impeller Hub for Anti-Flex Durability
  • Hand Assembled to Exacting Tolerances