PHR 6R80 Transmission Conversion Kit for 1993-1998 Supra

The EVOLUTION of the Automatic Drivetrain for a 2JZ is here! Thanks to the 6R80 transmission

For those that are not familiar with the Ford 6R80 transmission it has already seen impressive 7 second quarter mile times with the new age mustang platform with more on the table. We've poured hours of R&D time and teamed up with some of the best in the business to create a modern auto solution.

Let us take you through why the 6R80 is such an exciting option to pair with the 2JZ.

6 Gears

Gearing is very similar to the V160. A short 4.17 first gear means we can take advantage of the RPM of the 2JZ and overcome torque deficiencies relative to a larger displacement motor.

Both the 3.13 and 3.77 rear ends can pair nicely with this trans depending on your application

Great cruising speed compared to the A340 or TH400. 6th gear at 70mph put you at 2000rpm (

Close gear ratios mean keeping power loss down between shifts and keeping you in BOOST.



Note: Actual numbers may vary based on converter stall speed, rpm limit, tire size ect. You can play with your specific setup at

Full Electronic Control

The US SHIFT QUICK 6 controller allows you to have full command of your transmission.

We are working hard to bring you even more options here. Expanding our control options to both Motec M150 ECU’s and PROEFI platforms (RELEASE DATE TBD)


PHR has adapted the popular Lokar 6R80 Shifter to work in both Automatic and 6 speed Supra Tunnels. This give you the ability to put the car in drive and let the control itself, or click it over in to sport shift mode and enjoy tap up and down shifting. With the speed of 6R80 gear change this bring really wipes the preconceived “boring nature” of the automatic away and into a 21st century technology. Our first swap candidate, James Karger claims he does not miss his V160 one bit.

Paddle Shifting is also a great option; PHR plans on releasing a full kit for the Supra in the near future.


We’ve paired up with Circle D Specialties, the go-to for 6R80 source converters, to offer you an exclusive Pro-Series triple disc lock-up converter to connect the 2JZ to the 6R80. When asked what the power rating of the converter, we were answered with a simple “All of it”. Lock it up and put the power to the ground! Circle D custom designed a billet front that will mate with the OEM A340 Flex Plate, making the swap much simpler.  


We are partnering up with, Brett LaSala of MSRacing, to provide you with a one-stop shop for not only a transmission core source but also building services. He can source a transmission for you, prepare it for the power level you are after and install the Powerhouse Racing Bellhousing and ship it to you door step. Making the process simple and painless for you. PHR will have you contact MSRacing directly for their services and your bellhousing can be shipped to them for modifications and assembly.

Transmission Build Level Breakdown 

PRICING LISTED BELOW IS NOT A QUOTE! All transmission services are offered directly through MSR and pricing is up to their discretion

MSR prices includes a core transmission, new electrical lead frame, refresh/piston seals, bushing if needed, seals/gaskets, filter and case coating

Stock Transmission - includes new clutches, supports 400-500whp - $1600

Stage 1 Build - Exedy Clutch Upgrade, Billet Intermediate Shaft, supporst 800-900whp - $3100

Stage 2 Build - Exedy Clutches, Billet Intermediate Shaft, Billet Forward Planetary, supports 1300whp - $4500

Stage 3 Build - Exedy Clutches, billet intermediate shaft, billet forward planetary, billet first gear one way clutch, Supoorts 1500+WHP - $5900

Roller Front Pump Bearing Upgrade - recommended for all stage 2 or higher (Stock is bushing) - $150

Bellhousing Modification Labor : TBD

Contact MSR for pricing with you providing core


If you choose find a core yourself they are easy to source and inexpensive! We found them easily of them at our local junkyards here in Texas.

Look for 2011+ 5.0L Model Year Ford 150’s and Mustang GT’s. They have the strongest friction packs in stock form. If you plan on building the transmission from the start that leaves you with even more vehicles to pick from. Just ensure the trans had External TCU so you can mate it easily with the aftermarket controller.


We know where the mustang failures begin but we are still finding the limits with a 2JZ attached so we are going off the experience of MSRacing here. 

At 600-700 torque you can start to see clutch and intermediate shaft failures. So it is recommended to upgrade these to stronger clutches and billet intermediate shaft. In bigger power cars with higher rev limits (above 7500) the planetary gears sets begin to fail. Meaning it's recommended to use MSRacing's billet planetary set. 


We recommend purchasing our whole kit as that is what we have tested and developed to work together. You are welcome to buy individual parts of the kits but PHR will cannot provide tech support on parts not provided by us or be responsible for compatibility or fitment issues if you want to tackle this yourself.

Included in our 6R80 swap kit for the Supra below:

PHR Billet Aluminum 6R80 to 2JZ Bellhousing - $1599

Circle D Pro-Series Lock-Up Converter - $1500

US SHIFT Quick 6 Standalone Controller - $1249

PHR 6R80 Driveshaft (option for 200mm, 220mm, or Ford 9" differentials) - $945

Lokar 6R80 Shifter with Sportshift - $369

PHR Shifter Moutning Plate (auto or manual tunnel option)- $129

PHR Custom Shift Cable - $125

PHR 6R80 Trans Mount - $185

PHR 6R80 Transmission Cooler Kit - $629

PHR Low-Profile Cooler Line Manifold - $129

THE 6R80 has an integrated bellhousing and case meaning you will need to cut this off and install PHR’s aftermarket bellhousing. The trans bellhousing has a line that is easy to follow with a cutoff wheel and FULL DETAILED INSTRUCTION will be provide on how to do this. We would rate this at a 6/10 on scale of difficulty and is the most challenging part of the swap. After that it is all downhill. Again this is a service that MSRacing will be providing so if you don't feel comfortable you can leave it to them and receive a trans ready to put in the car.

In addition to the bellhousing, you will be cutting a few ears and shaving some webbing down on the transmission for clearance. Anyone who has fit a TH400 before, this swap requires even less “working” of the tunnel. We hammered a few spots at the very top just to make sure it wasn’t sitting against the chassis but NO MAJOR BODYWORK is needed. Can all be fit in with standard tools.

Only other modification to your chassis is going to be a hole cut for your shift cable to go through. The shifter itself is mounted easily into place. We recommend using an auto shift panel to fit the shifter and only requires a slight trim on the underside near the ash tray. 

Installation of the trans crossmember, driveshaft, converter, cooler, and shifter is all very standard procedure.

If you plan on using the US Shift controller, it will require a few signal references from your ECU but this is all broken down in their installation instructions. A jumper harness is included with the kit. 

Again, all installation instruction will be detailed to make the installation clear and easy.

What does the future hold?

PHR plans on releasing more 6R80 specific parts as we continue to expand the potential of this trans.

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Motec M150 Auto-Control Package

PROEFI Auto-Control Package

Transmission Building Services


How long before kit is available from when I purchase/pre-order?

We have many anxious customers waiting to get in line. Please have patience as we are racking up inventory for this rollout. We are beginning pre-orders now and are currently in full production mode! Please allow 1-2 months-time before first parts roll out the door. This is dependent on the amount of pre-order received. Everything is first come, first serve.

We highly recommend our entire package, however if you want individual parts we can take pre-orders for those as well. Orders for full kits will have priority. We anticipate this to be a very popular option moving forward so lead times may fluctuate until inventory stabilizes.


PHR 01012231
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  • US Shift Quick 6 Controller
  • 6 SPD (220mm) Differential
  • 6 SPD Tunnel
$7,171.99 (USD)
$7,171.99 (USD)