PHR Stock Twin Downpipe for 1993-1998 Supra

Replace your restrictive OEM downpipe with Powerhouse Racing's 3" downpipe.

Fully TIG welded and back purged, this downpipe runs from the stock twin turbo's to the PHR 3" midpipe location. Constructed using 304 stainless steel for longevity.

To complete the kit, you need to add the PHR 3" Midpipe as well.

*For off-road use only.*


PHR 01011108
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Mates to USDM Supra Twin Turbos. --- SKU: PHR 01011108.US
Mates to JDM Supra Twin Turbos --- SKU: PHR 01011108.JS
Mates to JDM Aristo (JZS161) Twin Turbos. (You would select this version if you have an Aristo Motor Swap) --- SKU: PHR 01011108.JSV
Downpipe (upper pipe) only.
SKU: PHR 01011106.M
Requires PHR 3.0" Midpipe (PHR 01011106.M)
Requires PHR 3.0" Midpipe (PHR 01011106.M)


  • USDM (PHR 01011108.US)
  • Raw Finish (uncoated) Downpipe
  • No Midpipe
  • Raw Finish (uncoated) Midpipe
$152.90 (USD)
$152.90 (USD)