Dailey Engineering / PHR Vacuum Pump

The PHR / Dailey Engineering Vacuum Pump was designed for use on higher horsepower street car applications to provide additional crankcase vacuum but can be used in a variety of configurations. Additionally, It can be paired with any dry sump system to provide additional scavenging or ran independently.

This pump mounts directly to the cam gear using a PHR mounting kit.

Our system includes the following items;

  • Dailey Engineering 2 Stage Vacuum Pump
  • 2JZ Specific Mounting Bracket Kit
  • Line Kit (Optional)
PHR 02991573
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Complete Vacuum Pump System
Converting from Mech. Fuel Pump to Vacuum Pump System


  • Include Vacuum Pump Bracket Kit
$1,420.00 (USD)
$2,035.00 (USD)