Dailey Engineering / PHR 2JZ Wet Sump Kit

The PHR / Dailey Engineering External Wet Sump Pump utilizes a custom 9 tooth spur gear design with built-in adjustable pressure regulator to provide maximum efficiency and a consistent oil pressure curve across the RPM range. This pump mounts directly to the front of the engine block and replaces the internal oil pump. For applications requiring higher oil volume, higher pressures, and reaching RPMs outside the limits of the OEM oil pump. 

Our kit includes the following items:

  • Dailey Engineering Single Stage Wet Sump Pump w/ Rear Drive
  • 2JZ Specific Mounting Bracket
  • Drive Set for use on the ATI Damper
  • HTD Taper grip pump pulley
  • HTD Crank Pulley
  • Oil Filter Block-Off w/ Union adapter (Included for OE Block only)
  • Belts
  • Installation hardware kit

*Requires removal of A/C compressor!

PHR 0299129221
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OEM Block
Bullet Billet Block
Mazworx Billet Block


  • OEM Block - PHR 0299129221-SYS
$1,680.00 (USD)
$1,680.00 (USD)