PHR Brake Proportioning Valve Kit

Price: $245.00 (USD)
PHR 01010307

A clean and simple way to install a brake proportioning valve for your braking system. Tucked closely under your brake master cylinder. Intended to pair with a master cylinder without built-in brake bias and allow for easy access adjustments.

Included in the kit, are CNC'd aluminum bracket, black anodizied with a Baer proportioning valve with hardware. Lines not included.

This is the same parts found in our IS300 ABS Delete Kit. THE IS300's ABS Units contain the systems brake biasing/proportioning valve. When ABS unit is removed you are left with an even 50/50 bias. To have any adjustability this is required.  

The bracket translates perfectly over to work on a SC300, GS300, and Supra brake master cylinders. Just keep in mind Supra and SC300 OEM brake master cylinder contain already pre-biased internals.