PHR Radiator Support Bracket for SC300

Upgrade your cooling system in style with PHR's Radiator Support Brackets for the SC300/SC400. 

With no direct fit aftermarket radiators for the SC your only option is to convert to a Supra Radiator. Unfortunately the OEM brackets do not fit with the conversion. These bracket are designed to fit perfectly with your Supra radiator upgrade.

Brackets are machined out of billet aluminum and include PHR's own rubber insulators with every set.

Available in Machined, Black, and Polished Finishes. 

Priced per Set (2). 

NOTE: These will only work with Supra Radiator in SC300/SC400 or Soarer Chassis


Depending on the chassis and year model, some AC condensers are mounted further forward than other years. If your AC condenser is preventing the brackets to line up with there holes, you will need to modify your AC condenser brackets in the following way:


This will allow for the AC condenser to move forward and out of the way of the radiator.

Machined Finish
Machined Finish
PHR 03080601.M
Price: $174.00 (USD)
Black Edition
Black Edition
PHR 03080601.B
Price: $194.00 (USD)
Polished Finish
Polished Finish
PHR 03080601.P
Price: $204.00 (USD)