True Utility Minimalist Pocket Tool

Price: $22.99 (USD)
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The minimalist is a lightweight, slimline pocket tool designed with simplicity in mind. For the minimalists out there, who want to stop carrying too much in their pocket, only the bare essentials. Snap and clip this tool to your clothing, bag or keyring. The Minimalist cleverly features a bottle opener, file, Phillips screwdriver, a wire cutter, flat screwdrivers and a non locking knife (UK legal). Crafted from black titanium coated stainless steel.

The Minimalist is an efficiently designed pocket multitool with a massive 7 functions. Designed to be minimal alongside your keyring- the clue is in the name.

Crafted from 420 high grade stainless steel frame with a black titanium coated blade and tool, you can rely on the Minimalist to be sleek, yet extremely tough and durable. Clip to your person, bag or keyring for easy access using the built in carabiner clip.

This tool features:

  • Bottle Opener
  • File
  • Phillips
  • Wire Cutter
  • Large and Small Flat Drivers
  • Non-Locking Knife (UK Legal)

Compact and lightweight, this tool makes a perfect addition to your keyring, blending in with your keys and other accessories.

Additional information


Length: 86mm (closed) 126mm (open)
Width: 20mm
Depth: 12mm




420 High grade stainless steel frame with A black titanium coated blade and tool


Bottle opener
Wire cutter
Large + small flat drivers
Non locking knife (UK legal)