True Utility FishFace 18-in-1 Multi Tool

Price: $16.65 (USD)
Free with order of $500 or more

FishFace is the perfect pocket tool. It’s an 18 tools in 1 multi functional micro multi tool.

Perfect for those every day tasks such as opening boxes, tightening screws and gaining entry into cold bottles of crisp, refreshing goodness.

Featuring: 3 x Phillips, 3 x flat drivers, 4 x wrenches, 1/4” hex drive, bicycle spoke spanner, pry bar, file, nail cleaner, bottle opener, box opener and a flight safe cutter.

Made from Black titanium coated stainless steel. Fishface has a stunning visual appearance and strong construction!

FishFace is similarly sized to a typical house key making it a fantastic gift for anyone. Hang this on your keys and never be unprepared. This product is also 100% flight safe meaning you can travel with it worry free.

Additional information


Length: 70mm
Width: 29mm
Depth: 9.5mm




Black titanium coated stainless steel


3 x Phillips
3 x flat drivers
4 x wrenches
1/4” hex drive
Bicycle spoke spanner
Pry bar
Nail cleaner
Bottle opener
Box opener
Flight safe cutter