PHR Engine Rebuild Gasket Kit for 2JZ with Single Turbo

PHR offers you a kit specifically handpicked for your single turbo upgraded 2JZ-GTE. Without all those unnecessary stock twin turbo gaskets that you don't need. Even add a tube of Toyota FIPG (Black) needed with reassembly.

Kit Includes:

Exhuast Manifold Gaskets
Intake Manifold Gasket
Valve Cover Gaskets
Valve Cover Grommets
Cam Seals
Waterneck Gasket
Valve Seals
Front Main Seal
Rear Main Seal
Oil Strainer Gasket
Oil Return Gasket
Drain Plug Gasket
Waterpump Rear Gasket for Heater Core Pipe

O-rings for:
Water Pump 
Oil Pump
Oil Pan
Water Bypass Tube



Toyota FIPG


PHR 01011069
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  • No FIPG
  • No Timing Belt
$429.00 (USD)
$429.00 (USD)