PHR Pro-2000 Drag Race Shortblock

If you are in search of the ultimate level of performance out of your 2JZ race car, than look no further. Our Pro-2000 shortblock has been a longtime in development and we have invested our years of racing experience and knowledge into a package that can handle just about anything you throw at it.

This is the same exact block that was in the Infamous, PHR Built "Booger" that has gone as fast as 7.44 @187MPH in the quarter mile with a Gen2 Pro-Mod 88mm turbo @65psi turning to 10,000RPM as a 3300LB IRS Car


Included in your shortblock in nothing short of the best hand picked and custom engineered parts. This is the pinnacle of our Race Engine Program

  • Winberg Lightweight 3.2L (90mm stroke) Billet Crankshaft
  • PHR Spec 11.5:1 CP Pistons
  • Trend TP1 Wristpins
  • R&R Aluminum Rods
  • PHR Billet Main Caps
  • ARP Main Studs
  • Half-Filled Block
  • ACL (or Equivalent) Race Bearing
  • Option: O-Ringed Deck Surface

Please contact us for details on shipping and availability. We look forward to showing you the level of performance the PHR shortblock is capable of. 


PHR 01010520
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  • No, Standard Deck
$17,500.00 (USD)
$17,500.00 (USD)