PHR Wastegate Position Sensor for Tial MVR Wastegate

The PHR wastegate position sensor for the Tial MVR Wastegate is used to measure the exact position of the wastegate valve. This is very valuable for data on what exactly your wastegate is doing, so you can make essential adjustments for boost control or for functions that can use the information, as well as helping with analysis of your overall turbo system.

This sensor includes the PHR Wastegate Position Sensor, as well as DTM Connector

Connector Pinout is as follows

Pin 1: 5V Reference
Pin 2: Sensor Ground
Pin 3: Signal

This produces a 0-5 volt signal. Actual range is about 0.1v at fully closed to 4.4v at fully open with some variation from sensor to sensor. The valve moves approximately .620 inches from fully closed to fully open.



PHR 00000709
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Sensor Only


  • No Cap
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$159.00 (USD)
$159.00 (USD)