PHR VVT-i Oil Feed Adapter for 2JZ

Price: $49.50 (USD)
PHR 01011062
If you have an early generation 2JZ block, before the availablility of VVT-i, this fitting adapts your oil pressure switch port to a VVT-i Oil Feed Port. You need this fitting if converting to a VVT-i cylinder head on the early generation blocks. 

Retains factory checked banjo bolt which is necessary for proper operation of VVT-i.

01011062-3.png  01011062-4.png  01011062-5.png 

Note: Because angle of hole is slightly different than late model blocks, the oil feed line will need to be bent to adapt to the correct angle. This is very simple to do with basic hand tools, but if you are not careful you can damage the factory feed line.