PHR Billet Valve Covers for 2JZ, VVT-i

Powerhouse Racing Billet Valve Covers are precision machined from solid 6061 billet and retain OEM fitment.

Designed for street cars all the way to full blown race cars. Multiple breather options/locations are available for standard breather tanks to dry sump engines running; pop-off valves, vacuum regulators and crankcase pressure sensors. The advance baffle system keeps oil inside the motor and allows maximum breather capacity. These are the most advance valve covers on the planet.

Features Include;

  • Uses OEM gaskets
  • Removable baffles for easy cleaning or running without
  • Retains OEM or aftermarket coil cover
  • Retains factory style oil cap.

NOTE: Will work with 2JZ-GE, VVT-i Motors as well, but must convert to front facing intake manifold.

Breather Manifolds:

The breather manifolds allow for attaching breather lines, pop-off valves, or regulators to the valve cover. Without it a block off plate will be included. See the pictures below for how they are used.

CUSTOMIZATION - Contact PHR for your one-of-a-kind set of valve covers.  Custom logos, colors and options available.
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Standard Finish


  • No Breather Manifolds
  • Machined
  • No Oil Cap
  • No Coil Cover
$1,395.00 (USD)
$1,395.00 (USD)