PHR Oil Squirter Block-Off Kit for 2JZ-GTE

Price: $174.90 (USD)
PHR 01011059
The Powerhouse Racing OIl Squirter  Block-Off Kit for 2JZ-GTE deletes the factory Oil Squirters for the 2JZ.

The factory oil squirters spray oil on the bottom of the pistons for piston cooling, which is a good thing, except it's at the cost of oil pressure. As we increase engine speed limits and horsepower, oil pressure becomes one of the most critical points to maintain. Increased cylinder pressure and bearing speeds require oil pressure to keep bearings from being destroyed.

By removing the factory oil squirters we increase oil pressure which can greatly benefit bearing life. On short run vehicles or motors with billet pistons, cooling effects from oil squirters are minimal, whereas bearing life becomes critical. Save your bearings and your expensive block by installing the PHR Oil Squirter Block-Off Kit.

Precision CNC Machined from billet 6061 aluminum. Includes Stainless Hardware. Kit includes 6 block-off fittings.